Sunday, 21 April 2013

New Phone, HOORAY!!!

I'm sure I've mentioned 87 times or more that my phone drowned in July during a downpour when we went to watch Widnes play Bradford at Odsal. Since then I've been using an old skool huge thing, so ridiculous it never leaves the house. 

Today I have a new, to me, phone. Dan's workmate is a total geek (as worked out using the official venn diagram) and has more technology than anyone else I am aware of. So now after the exchange of £20, bargained up from the tenner he suggested as a sale price, I have a new phone. Not that one, I have Dan's old phone - the one with the A key that sticks so it looks like I'm texting in some kind of Allo Allo Italian style, I like that about it. But it is small enough to take outside (even if I can't be trusted with it), has a battery life of more than 48 minutes and doesn't crash every time I view a picture on facebook. Plus now neither of us has to try to negotiate the whole "upgrade" thing when that time comes around in a month or so. 

By the way, I am a dweeb.

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