Thursday, 25 April 2013

My One Night Stand

With My Fitness Pal is over. And I'm glad, it wasn't great, or fun, or even interesting. It was very much the morning after the night before. 

So that's good. 

Grocery spend for this week is currently at a very low and respectable £15.06, I even bought some reduced things from the Co-op on the way back from having my wig chopped. It was all veg - take that diet tracker! We will for some reason be getting some cash back when the mortgage switch happens next week *hooray* aaaaaand that's about it. With just this weekend to negotiate we have cash in the bank, the weekend budget, enough petrol to get us to Widnes v Wakefield and back and enough petrol to get us to Clitheroe to the Craft Open at the Platform Gallery. Now if I can just avoid temptation at Byrnes I think we'll be ok.

Finally, congratulations to the delightful Rhys Hanbury for making the 27 man Exiles squad. You deserve it Rhys!

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