Tuesday, 30 April 2013


A very uninspired title but it's all about money. Having our monthly chat about the budget, work, food, fun and the future we decided to do things properly. On Dan's saving scale of "nothing" to "push push push" we're currently closer to "nothing" and from this month are moving closer to "push push push". 

We're going to almost double the savings, the actual savings, not including the money we stick aside for specs, contacts, vet visits, car stuff etc. We want to feel as though we're saving, not just coast along with what we're doing now. 

We're going to do it the small way. There aren't too many big sacrifice-free savings so we're doing the small but beautiful things like switching mobile contracts, ditching the car, not having big days out, not eating out, getting more stuff done around the house, spending more time at the beach, walking for recreation etc. The truth is, once the money has been stashed then that's that, whatever cash is left is what we have so there's not much planning to be done. It's all just living. 


  1. Sounds like you have things under control. I must admit I know when we didn't have any savings it was a strain, if anything went wrong to fork out on top of the already stretched outgoings already. It does provide an extra little piece of mind to have a little savings pot. It took a while to get some up as it was going up and down & its gone down again!

    1. Good morning to you :)

      Not having spare cash for even little things is very stressful. That's why we have the perennial fund as we call it, it's for the things we know are coming or think could happen. So that goes down throughout the year. We add a bit extra to that for price rises and mini emergencies (like when I sucked a doorstop up Henry's tube and he needed to go to hoover hospital).