Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Micro-Managed To A Standstill

I signed up for My Fitness Pal. 

It is not my pal, it made me very sad. It made Dan furious. 

I don't think I'm going to be using it for very long. 

All this misery and sore buttocks for 0.6lbs a week. I don't flaming well think so. I'd rather not know then eventually discover my skirt was a bit less tight. No wonder people on diets are so miserable. Tracking and writing everything down doesn't make me feel in control (unlike a spending diary) it makes me think about food, food and more food. That's not a happy state of affairs. I'm like that episode of Father Ted where they all gave something up for Lent and Jack saw people as giant glasses of stout. 

On the plus side, it was free. In other good news I'm on my way to finding the £30 I need to make amends for not doing the Money Supermarket thing. Found 7p in my pocket, 3p on the floor, £1 in the window cleaning wallet and had £4.02 left over from the shopping budget this week. How much is that? 

In more bad news we've heard the news about My Bad Boyfriend. He's off to Oz, but not yet, so no sniffling into my hanky for a wee while longer.


  1. You sound like me when I'm on a diet! :D

    Good luck!

    1. My Fitness Pal is now a memory... I'll carry on picking up heavy things and not eating cake every day and see how it goes. No-one needs to see me in a grump!

  2. Hi I don't get on well tracking what I eat! I managed it on Monday!!. Swimming is the only exercise I like I am afraid. Do you like swimming?
    I know what you mean about diets. That's why I have been carting an extra stone round for a few years!

    1. I haven't been swimming since 1997! I don't mind it though and we do have a pool in the town. I like weight training, walking and a few other bits and bobs. Maybe I need to stop being such a tightwad and get myself a swimsuit!