Sunday, 14 April 2013

Making The Most Of Things

Recently I've been thinking a lot about making the most of things, appreciating what I have and all that stuff, but I realise that I don't.

Is is possible to really appreciate what we have? I know I'm lucky to live where I do, of course I see the faults of the house more clearly than I see the good bits sometimes but in terms of the area I think I'm a bit neglectful. It took us two and a half years to visit our local pub which is all of 4 minutes walk away. 

When we moved here I said I'd go to the beach multiple times a week. I don't. I hardly ever go. It's madness, but things take over and the attitude of "it'll always be there" is in my mind. We lived in our old house for 7 years and in the past 6 months we've spent more time exploring that area than we did when we lived there. For example, we used to drive through a village called Whalley every week when we went to the supermarket, only yesterday did we visit the Abbey. I didn't even know where it was until then. Same with Clitheroe, we went to the supermarket there every Thursday but we never visited the Castle, never nipped into Maxwell's even though we always said we would*, or The Platform Gallery, never saw the great stalls or the mobile barber (a converted mini bus) at the market. Never stopped in Chipping, didn't wander about Birdy Brow. Didn't even visit Gawthorpe Hall when we lived in Padiham - despite the fact it was about a mile from the flat and houses and embroidery exhibition. 

Because it's always better to go somewhere else. 

And now we live somewhere as flat as a pancake what do we do? Long to visit Longridge Fell, run around with the witches up Pendle and do a bluebell walk in Spring Wood. And we do. Maybe one day I'll get up Blackpool Tower...

*we have now been to Maxwell's and it's great! 

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