Friday, 12 April 2013

Love The Menu Plan

Reading a post elsewhere about menu planning made me realise I haven't given the menu plan a thought this month. I've just looked at the sheet and cooked. No quibbles, no wishing I was having something else, just easy and simple. Exactly as it should be. 

I guess it has become a habit. As Dave Ramsey says about the budget - I'm the boss of it until it's written down then it's the boss of me!


  1. Like you say, exactly as it should be. Glad your menu plan's working for you!

    1. Hi :) I think I've finally realised that it's about what we're doing on any day and what we really want to eat, not what would look like we have an exciting, never-eat-the-same-thing-twice menu. We still try new things but there's plenty of tried and tested stuff in there too.