Monday, 15 April 2013

Ironing and Ironwomen (no,not that one)

Am I the only person who is going the other way when it comes to ironing?

Other than going to the hairdresser v cutting your own wig I don't think there's much that stirs the passions to the same extent as ironing.

For my whole life I've been one of those people who thought ironing was a waste of time, I still don't get those folk who stick on the Coronation Street omnibus and open a bottle of wine and find doing a ton of ironing soothing. But I am really surprised at the way in which not ironing is some kind of honourable thing. It's just a task, it involves getting out a bit of equipment but so does hoovering or sweeping, it involves standing up, ok... but that's it. I can't really remember what my objection to it was. But already today I've read in 3 different places about how people who iron are dull and how not ironing your clothes doesn't make any difference.

We bought an iron in 2003 when we bought our first house, we returned it to Comet and got a fan instead. Then my mum gave us an iron she'd won and for the next 5 or so years it was used as a doorstop. For the next 3 years it was used once, to iron on the sticky strip thing when we had out new kitchen fitted. Then last year I started quilting. You need an iron to quilt. So, as the iron was on why not do a few shirts and stuff. When I did clothes looked better and nothing else changes in the world. I didn't become chained to the board for hours on end, my brain didn't seep out of my ears and across the floor, Dan didn't lose respect for me and fun things didn't go by the wayside. I  still scrunch clothes up in the shop to make sure I'm not going to be a crumpled mess by the time we get out of the house, and I'm not tempted by a pair of white linen trousers (I have issues with them but I should keep them to myself for fear of offending).

It got me thinking about other things. Dan and I were having a chat about something that was on Sky Sports News the other day about women and sport. I think part of the problem is it's that all or nothing thing again. We either iron everything in the house or it's not worth the 20 seconds it takes to get the board out and plug the iron in. Same with sport and exercise, it's seems to be either you wobble about with old ladies in the church hall once a week so you can eat cake or must be ultra gym obsessed person who eats nothing but chicken and rice and jogs 10 miles even in the pissing down rain. 

I think that alienates some women. It's not the same with men as you can have your game of squash, cricket, footie then have a drink and it's a social thing. There doesn't seem to be the whole punishment factor and the must do better than everyone else when it comes to men doing a bit (not openly anyway). The marketing of sport and exercise to women is alienating to some extent because much as they are admired, not everyone wants to have the body of Jessica Ennis or Christine Ohuruogu - it's intimidating and in my view sends out a message that if this isn't what you want, or isn't what you can achieve then it's not good enough. There's not enough about what exercise does for you over and above how you look and how it's ok to just do 15 minutes a day. Let's get rid of the all or nothing. 

I'm not bothered whether other folk iron their clothes or not but it's not a big steamy thing to rub in someone's face and make judgements about life and how they see the world. It's just a bit of housework. And while we're at it, how long does stuffing a mushroom take? All of a couple of seconds, what's the big deal? 


  1. Hi I don't mind ironoing, infact I get paid to do peoples ironing!. I always need a film on to distract me( I have only burnt well melted one customers stuff , only 1 item, I was horrified!) I have been doing it for a year and 4 months now and quite relieved its finishing soon!It can be a bit mind numbing.
    I agree get rid of the all or nothing with exercise. I think finding an exercise you like is a good idea,(none!!)apart from swimming I love that& walking
    Ps loved that post x

    1. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment. I can imagine it was a bit of a shock when something melted *yikes*.

      I agree with you about finding something that suits you. It's the same with exercise as it is with anything else, if you do it because you'll enjoy it you're more likely to carry on with it.

  2. This is a laugh out loud post, especially using the iron as a doorstop for years.

    1. It's all true, I am a reformed slob!