Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I Love To Hate You

Something that became very clear yesterday was that people love to hate certain things. In my case I seem to love to hate things that are good for me. 

Probably the only exception is my bad boyfriend. My bad boyfriend is called Gareth. I love him with all my heart and yet I know he's going to dump me and break my heart eventually. Anticipating when it's all going to go hideously wrong and I'll be left with nothing but memories of the good times and claims that I'll never love that way again is part of the appeal. 

Anyway, that's beside the point. Things I love to hate - 

finishing a quilt


cleaning things like the bunny pen, oven and blinds

having my hair cut

listening to radio phone-ins

getting out of bed


hearing my mother in law talk about the charity she works for (oh the drama!)

anything to do with being cold

the fact that I'm going to have "Love To Hate You" by Erasure in my head all day

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