Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I've had trouble trying to eat a vegan diet because I don't like milk.

I've never been a fan of dairy products, I can't stand cheese and have eaten it maybe 4 or 5 times in my life, I'm not a fan of cream and don't really like milk, so giving up what little bit I do have should be easy. Not so and it's pretty much all psychological. Soy milk is too creamy for me and it's really the only thing that works in tea and coffee. I can cope with rice or nut milk on cereal or porridge but it just lacks a little something. Oddly my dairy loving Dan finds eating a vegan diet as easy as falling off a log!

So yesterday we had the conversation, how to compromise. How I'm going to compromise is to ignore the inconvenient truth of dairy farming and have cow milk in my breakfast tea and in my breakfast porridge. It's a small thing but it's a huge thing too. I don't want to do it really but beating myself up about being unwilling or unable to sustain that way of eating was making me unhappy. Particularly as we're only talking about one meal a day all other meals are simple.

I love animals and I think really, maybe we shouldn't keep pets. If the day ever arrives where no-one is cruel to bunnies and no more are abandoned or abused then I'll celebrate even though it would mean there are no more to rescue and love. It's maybe not ideal but if during my life I can make a a dozen or so bunnies happier than they would otherwise have been then that's good. The fact that it makes me happy is just an extra cute bonus!

I can use my local clothes shops and support a local business, I love to do that, but sometimes I just can't afford it when we have an outlet village at the top of the road. I just need to find the balance and use the local place when I can. I like to use the greengrocer but sometimes the supermarket has more local produce than they do... there's no right choice here, it's just make a decision and be happy with that. 

Every choice we make means a compromise somewhere - big or small and it means we tie ourselves up in knots and contradictions and it's ok. No-one is perfect and we shouldn't try to be. All we can do is what's right at the time.
I do what I can, I could do more with lots of things in all areas of my life but I do what I can and hopefully that means the world is a little bit better for me  having been in it. And if it isn't then that's the way it goes.

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