Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Boring Post About Grocery Shopping

I think I'm addicted to spending.

Yesterday I spent £54.55 on toiletries. Oh yes, that was including a £10 off voucher. Cripes. Then we went to the supermarket and I spent £72.99. £72.99! That is a lot of cash. Having said that I now have no spare cupboard space at all. 

Almond milk was on special offer £1 a litre instead of £1.59. Dan uses it every day so we bought 4 of those (that was all they had left), cereal was on offer so we bought 5 boxes, passata was on offer so I bought 3 jars. Pasta was on offer, wraps were on offer. All stuff that's on the menu plan and all stuff we eat every week. It was still a shock to hand all that cash over but I'm a happy kitten about it. The shop was very low on fresh fruit and veg though, I think the Easter locusts had been through and cleaned them out. 

The offers are on until the 23rd so I may stock up more, especially on the almond milk... Also available cheaper than usual laundry liquid and toilet rolls. They are tempting me... I've checked the price book and they're all proper deals (but I do wonder if prices will go up afterwards...). I'm not usually a stockpile person but some of these prices are too good to ignore. I promise I won't buy so much I have to make a coffee table out of cartons of milk though. 

For the rest of the week I will be a very cheap date. 


  1. I've been meaning to make a price book since...oh, first reading about them in the Tightwad Gazette about seven years ago I think. I did start once, but got sidetracked! I'd love to know how you made yours.

  2. Hi Debbie, Cheers for nipping in!

    I got the idea from the Tightwad Gazette too :)

    I set my price book up exactly as outlined here -

    It is quite labour intensive to start with, keeping receipts and noting everything down but once it's done for the basics it doesn't take too long and it makes it easy to spot a bargain if I'm ever in a shop I don't use often. I don't do it for everything just for basics we buy all the time like pasta, pulses, nuts, cereal, basic veg etc. It didn't seem to make sense to note things we don't buy regularly.

    When we moved house I decluttered some pages from years ago, pasta £1 for 3kg, tomatoes 12p a tin. Seems a long time ago now! Hope that helps, the article explains it in a far more concise way than I would.