Friday, 5 April 2013

April Week One

The savings have been tucked away, the car has been filled with petrol, Dan is off to get his hair cut today, we bought the toiletries and some hay. That's it so far. I say "that's it", it's all the expensive stuff. But I prefer it that way, get those purchases out of the way first. 

Obviously I spent a ton at the supermarket, least said about that the better. But we're not going shopping next week, I've already bought everything for our day out next week *yay* and the pantry is full. The giant baked beans went down very well, was really easy and cheap as anything (I used half a shallot, a clove of garlic, squeeze of veg puree, about 1/3 of a tub of passata, a tin of butterbeans, some fresh parsley, pinch of cinnamon and some oregano). It was a good "feels like spring but is still very wintery" dish. There were no leftovers sadly.

This weekend should be low spend, Dan is still working through the thesis for our friend so that will take up a bit of tomorrow, there's some kind of chilli festival in Blackpool so we might walk up to that, even if we drive up it'll only be a few quid, there's some graffiti we want to take pictures of so it would be good to combine the two things. We're off to watch Widnes v Salford on Sunday but the cost of that is taken care of... so that's the weekend. Unless too much dry stout falls into our mouths we should be well inside the treat budget.

A quiet week really...

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