Monday, 29 April 2013

April Round Up

We spent all the money. On things, lots of the things were bottles of Stringers Dry Stout. Can't think of much else. We were also £90 under savings target as we gave £100 to the rescue we got the buns from, they need the cash. But then we had £10 in the bank so that's back in the ISA.

Erm, that's it! There's enough cash to buy bunny greens and milk if we need it but other than that the cash has gone. I'm doing a bit of a batch cook this afternoon to use up all the bits and bobs from the fridge and that's a thing. I'll be making veg pasties, a tagine thing, curry, lentil bol and maybe chilli if there's enough veg. 

Oh yes, I was very brave and allowed the stocks of toilet paper to dwindle. I usually panic when we only have two in stock and now we have none in stock. Ha! Staring danger in the face.