Monday, 22 April 2013

April Menu Plan

We did the plan last night. Again, it's a simple thing. I know a lot of people have a problem with planning first because what you want might not be available or something else might be cheaper but I don't see that as a problem for planning. The plan is something that guides me towards what we're going to have. So if I get to the shop and the don't have whatever it is then I buy something that will do the trick. If we said we wanted tacos but find some wraps in the pantry then we'll use them - tacos is kind of shorthand for "something spicy involving lots of cumin, chipotles and beans. If a recipe has certain veg in it but other veg a cheaper then we'll buy what's cheap, it's not a big deal. Far from being regimented or there to scupper my creativity (not that I wish to have creativity where cooking is concerned) it frees me up.

Also, back on the diet thing as of yesterday. I'd already done 45 minutes exercise, had a shower and was ready to eat a banana by half nine so that's better than a kick in the face.

Anyway, here's the list, yep, we're going through a rice phase-  

1. snacky (me only)
2. pasta
3. curry
4. out

5. out
6. toasties
7. lentil bol
8. ratatouille w harissa potatoes
9. jambalaya/khao pad
10 curry
11 singapore noodles

12 stirfry w rice
13 gigantes plaki w herb potatoes
14 kofta w tabbouleh
15 l/o
16 tacos
17 curry
18 pizza

19 pasta
20 pilaf
21 moussaka
22 fajitas
23 chilli w l/o wraps
24 curry
25 beans and wedges
26 pasta bake
27 falafel, bulghur and whatever else is in the fridge
28 out
29 gigantes plaki
30 tagine 
31 curry


  1. Hi that's good to menu plan. That's one thing I wish I could get into the swing of doing!.
    I didn't have a good weekend on the diet front!
    Well done with your exercise too

    1. It's a lot of trial and error to find a way that works and like everything it's not for everyone but it really helps us.

      There must be something in the air with the diet thing. Hope you have a positive week this week.