Saturday, 9 March 2013

What I Thought About On Saturday

We finally braved it and totted up the spending from our eventful day out at the Trafford Centre. It was a lot. Having said that *nod to Larry David* when I sorted my wardrobe out yesterday it looked far more balanced. Along with the two hoodies I threw out my favourite shoes, they are worn out but I don't feel too bad now I have my new converse. I'd forgotten about that noise converse boots make though, I always feel like I'm wearing big clown shoes which only makes them more appealing to me. So now my clothes shopping list is down to a t-shirt, a pair of sandals, a jacket and some undergarments. That's not bad. 

We're going out tonight and I don't even feel like I have nothing to wear. Confession, I keep a roll of masking tape in the car to defluff myself before we go somewhere - the perils of a white pet.

Despite a bit of low level annoyance we had an interesting night out at the rugby, Bad Boyfriend Gareth Hock was sent off in the first half for having toilet tonsils but Widnes still fought back from   4 - 20 to draw 22 - 22 against Bradford Bulls. Well done to all concerned especially Joe Mellor, Rhys Hanbury and all the forwards. Although I feel a bit unfair leaving out any names).

DH has dusted off the weights bench which has motivated me to think about doing a bit myself. I used to be a massive fan of weight training but when we put the old house on the market we packed a lot of stuff away and I got out  of the habit. That was over 3 years ago so it's time to start again. I like the idea of yoga too, we shall see. 

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