Friday, 22 March 2013

Menu Planning Problems

So today is the time to write the menu plan for April. I'm looking out of the window and it appears I live inside a giant snowglobe. How do you menu plan when the weather is so odd? I can't honestly say I can look at my recipe list and think "yes, stir fry is just the ticket" when I'm wrapped up in a quilt, the heating is on and I've had to make a hot water bottle for the bunnies? 

I think I'll just write "pie" for every meal and be done with it. 

Compost bin building doesn't seem likely either... Hey ho, tea and crumpets all round.


  1. Winter seems to have bled into Spring and like you I am getting bored and want salad but it just isn't warm enough yet.

    1. Yep, I want to want lighter meals but there's just no way at the minute!