Monday, 4 March 2013

March Spending, Week One

So the general budget has been kaboomed as usual due to exciting spends such as petrol, Rugby League World Cup tickets, contact lenses etc . But the basic savings are tucked away and the change jar seems nice and heavy so can't complain. 

As mentioned the other day we ditched the supermarket and went into the town instead. We bought lots and lots of bread and an iced finger for me, firey chutney, hair stuff, bird food, dates *yum*, other toiletries and a couple of food bits and bobs - almost too much for me to carry on my own without the rucksack and spent £28.92. Not a super low spend but it's plenty to get us to maybe Tuesday of next week with just greens for the buns to buy. 

When we got home DH made some little mushroom and pepper pizzas with some of the bread and I roasted all the veg we had - red onion, mushrooms, cauliflower and celeriac. Half has gone into the freezer and the other half will be used this week. We were supposed to have a roast yesterday but we were too busy lounging so it didn't happen. So the first rejiggle of the menu plan is upon us and we're now having - 

Mon - roast veg quinoa

Tue - chestnut cobbler w roast veg and mash

Wed - curry from the freezer

Thu - shepherdess pie from the freezer

Fri - roast veg pasta salad and probably a sandwich as we're going to watch Widnes

Sat - out for tapas

Sun - chilli from the freezer with wraps

Mon - curry from the freezer

Tue - this spelt ready meal thing we bought from the health food shop with garlic bread

If we can stretch this far milk and lunch wise on Wednesday I'll make lentil bol with pantry ingredients. I can't remember what the menu plan was but I don't think this is all that different anyway. I'm looking forward to not visiting the supermarket again this week, it's something I usually enjoy for some reason but just recently it feels like we've done nothing but shop and I want a break from it. Does anyone else ever feel that way? 


  1. Hi & thanks for popping over to my blog (A Frugal Wife). Good luck with your meal planning. I haven't visited a supermarket in person for about a year now (online deliveries instead). Now that I'm out of the habit, I don't miss browsing the aisles one little bit.

    1. Hi Sara, thanks for nipping over to say hi. We used to online shop too, it was ideal for us when money was very tight as we'd taken the car off the road and it was easier to see where the money was going - no nasty surprises at the till!