Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Place

We had a great day out tramping across fields, pointing at trees and petting dogs today on the Wyre Way (without spending any cash at all). But the best bit was getting back to the Fylde. 

Lytham was busy and beautiful, my favourite place of all, Granny's Bay, was shining and being enjoyed by folk of all ages, driving along the prom to the house was great - day trippers, motorhomes and caravans parked on the school grounds, lots of fish & chips and ice creams to be had, dogs galore running around. Home, home, home. No matter where we go (even Shrewsbury) it is always exciting to see the familiar sights of home again. And to check how much of the beach has plastered itself to the windows!

Also, by some strange quirk of fate Widnes beat Warrington 38-22 on Friday, to put this into context last year Warrington won the Challenge Cup and  reached the SuperLeague Grand Final and we finished rock bottom. Our results against them last year were a 14-52 defeat, a 68-4 defeat and a 46-12 defeat so yeah, it was a good win. I am aware none of you care in the slightest!

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