Wednesday, 20 March 2013


White walls are the impact.

I know that white is used as a blank canvas but it's still a choice. Any colour could be a blank canvas, rusty orange could be a blank canvas if all the "accents" were monochrome. Don't be ashamed of white, it's not boring, it's not bland, it's not even the default any more. We don't need to focus on the feature wall, we can appreciate the beauty in simplicity and let the light, space, shapes and air take the lead.

We need to have the areas of calm, not to cram the whole space with stuff, to be able to switch off, rest your brain, see space not emptiness. Negative space is no bad thing.


  1. The majority of walls are white in our house. It's a very relaxing 'colour'.
    Love from Mum

    1. Hi Mum, I find it relaxing too. Love how the light and shade change throughout the day.