Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Another New Future

Work is taking over our lives at the minute. Early mornings, late evenings, stress, phonecalls, IT trauma... We've always wanted to be able to leave the work day at the door when DH gets home but that's just not possible these days, so we have to adapt. One of the main changes is that DH... I hate calling him that, I'm going to call him Dan. Dan is going to be a mobile worker, which pretty much means he's going to be here a lot more. Work life can't really be more at home than that can it? It will solve some problems with how work is at the minute but it creates a few tweaks for us.

We don't have a home office, I know I'm in the minority but I really don't think most people need one and am usually surprised when people tell me they have one. But I think maybe they're more about having a bit of private space, just for you. If you share a house with one or more people then most of the space is shared, even the bedspace. So is a desk a little haven? Somewhere to have pictures that you like but the rest of the household may not, to arrange just as you like without anyone else getting a say. My pantry is supposed to be my space but it never works out that way as if something needs to be stashed then that's where it goes *booooooo*.

But we need a workspace now. We've discussed removing the bed from Dan's dressing room and putting a desk in there, but it doesn't feel right, it seems isolated. Should we alter the spare room round, maybe get a sofa bed and make room for a desk that way? That seems like we'd be allowing work to take up a huge area of the house, plus there's the danger of "just close the door" and allowing chaos to take over. We even thought of a shed but that would be depressing, to be able to wave to each other but be apart, he'd look like one of those unwanted rabbits we rescue. So the dining area it is. I kind of like this idea, we need to buy a proper chair and some kind of lamp, we already have a big table so that's not a worry. Then when we want to go from office to eatery we just need to move the chair and stick the cloth back on.

This wasn't supposed to be about decor, it's about tweaking and planning. There is no light at the end of the tunnel with work, this is how it is now so we need to stop spending huge amounts of money on recreational shopping (I have done the figures for week one *eeeek*) and we need to save. The mortgage offer letter arrived yesterday so we'll be saving £50 a month there. We need a safety net and it needs to be bigger than we liked to think. I've had a moment of clarity and I can now see past the importance of having the ideal capsule wardrobe and finding the right shade of grey for the bedroom walls. Not even George Nelson can help me here, although I like to think he can make it better.

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