Monday, 25 March 2013


I did finish my wallhanging this weekend. Then I stuck it up to have a peep and ... it looked terrible. It looked terrible for a good reason though. ]

Dan and I had never exchanged Christmas gifts until last year when we thought it might be nice. It was, we had a great time thinking about what we were going to buy, dropping hints and stashing gifts all over the county. I bought him some vegan mashmallows *yum*, some Lego in lovely modernist colours and some Allison Wiffen cufflinks. He bought me a piece of Shirley Craven "Phoenix" fabric. This fabric now hangs on the wall in the bedroom. It is not possible to out bold it!

So the wallhanging is now going to be a group of smaller pieces. It has been great to mess about with frames picking out the details and sections to use. The best part of it is how the project has changed. I started sewing in November 2010 and worked on it on and off for a year. Then left it last year and picked it up again last week. The house has changed a lot since I started, the style has softened and the colours are more certain. Had it still been ideal I think I would have been surprised. But I like how it was one thing and now it's going to be another. 

Same with the menu plan. To be honest, I would happily never cook again, that's how I feel at the minute but I know this time tomorrow I'll feel differently so the menu plan will be formulated. As I said the other day the trouble is what will the weather be like? So I'm doing a flexi sun-or-snow plan with meals that can be tweaked to be light sunny or comforting and snowy - pasta, spring casseroles and things like that, it's mainly tweaking the herbs rather than the main ingredients so I think it should be pretty simple. Better than starting from scratch week by week at any rate.

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