Friday, 15 March 2013

A Free Weekend

In more than one sense. 

We have no cash so the weekend has to be something out of nothing, we also have no commitments. Widnes are playing away in Perpignan and we're here not there, we don't have any social stuff to do, no-one is visiting and there are no fab freebie days to take advantage of up the road (as far as I know).

So we're going to be at home. I love my house. Occasionally I have moments of clarity and see how much work there still is to do but I mainly ignore that and focus on the nice bits. I ignore the fact that we have no flooring in the living room or bathroom, the scary strip-light in the kitchen that illuminates the rest of the kitchen, the very unkempt garden and the hay. There's a lot of hay.

I have been commanded by Father to apply three coats of stuff to a pile of wood so he can build a compost bin for me next week. I have been removing my glasses for nearly three years to avoid seeing the state of the landing so I'm going to brave the garage and prepare to sand and satin (there's a lot of wood). So that's a good thing. 

To prepare for such a hands on weekend there has to be something to sweeten the pill, that's the law of doing stuff isn't it. I don't think we've ever had anyone do any work on the house who took less than 3 sugars in their tea. So I'm going to buy some sugar and make some jam buns. I think my desire for jam buns came before thinking of a reason to justify making them, but that's a small detail. We only ever had cheap and cheerful mixed fruit jam when I was little but I don't have any of that so they're probably going to be cherry and putting too much in so they look like a volcano is a must.

I just hope I haven't used all the masking tape for clothes defluffing.


  1. Has all the wood been painted yet? And have you eaten all those jam buns?
    And what in what order did you do all this!
    Love from Mum

    1. I wish I had good news for you Mum... And by the very fact you asked the question I think you know the buns went first!

      The wood for the compost bin has been dealt with, I think another coat is needed tomorrow. As for the landing, I have spent some time up there and paint has been used. I don't know how these folk do it when they say "oh, we decorated a room this weekend". Really? Finding the stuff, sanding, wiping down, hoovering up the dust, putting those sheets down, masking everywhere before painting can even happen. I find it hard to believe :)

  2. We are also making up some compost bins at our Beach Cottage but the wood was ready preserved so just needs sawing into correct lengths and then screwing/nailing/bolting together. We should be able to get them finished at Easter.

    1. Father will be in charge of the screwing things together. I will be in charge of holding things straight, anything to do with lengths of string and finding the pencil when we put it in a "safe place".

      Good luck with getting your bins finished.