Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Worst First

First after a cup of tea that is.

I have a pile of stuff that I call my necessary evils, things I have to keep - either because we use them or just want to keep them and they seem to be the hardest to house. Team that up with lots of cupboards but not necessarily in the right place and things can be a bit... not disorganised but not organised either. This leads me to frequent annoyance. A lot like the wrapping paper curse but without the obvious solution. 

Inspired by tidier people than me I tackled the non-paper wrapping paper today. The large and previously unused cupboard above the oven now holds the main sources of my anger - the citrus thing and other blades from the food processor, various things that only exist so we can pretend we're going to have a picnic, assorted making equipment and, you know, all that stuff. 

The scales, stove top coffee thing and food processor are at the front and they're easy to get out and put away (I did it 12 times each to make sure), I need not fret about being clonked on the head by plugs or lids. The pantry now has a free shelf and the drawer that is meant to hold placemats, coasters and napkins holds those items and nothing else. 

Next is the wrestle with the porch cupboard. home of walking shoes, far too many jute bags and hopefully soon the home of Henry hoover. If I do it without resorting to sweary words I'll treat myself to a piece of toast with greengage jam, I'm not holding my breath.

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