Monday, 18 February 2013

What I Won't Save Money On, Two


I've never been a fan of the hairdresser so when we were paying off our debts and needed to save wherever we could I was happy to give up trips to get my hair cut. For about 4 years, maybe a little longer, we cut our own hair. We had a set of clippers for DH, I cut my own fringe and every so often Dh would trim a bit off the back. We both hated it, it looked like we didn't go to the salon, we didn't like doing it and it was a big symbol of having no money. I don't have the long thick beautiful hair that so many people do so long hair really doesn't suit me, but long hair was what I had.

When we became debt free there was no huge parade or even feeling of excitement and joy, it was just there... We said we'd ease up for a month and have a celebration but after such a long time it was hard to spend money or even to think about things we wanted. By this point I had lost 3 stone so I replaced the size 12 jeans that were falling off (I was the forerunner of the teenage lads who like to show their undergarments) and I went to get my wig chopped. My hair was half way round my back and I told them I wanted it short - such a big change that the hairdresser didn't want to do it. But I insisted and she did and everyone was amazed at how "brave" I was!

So now my super-fine hair is short, I have it cut every 8 weeks and it is worth the money. I have found a nice hairdresser near to my house and I even quite enjoy going there for a coffee and a chat. It's a lovely local business in a tough market so I'm happy to support her and she does an amazing job. It looks so nice that even my brother compliments me. It's expensive compared to what I'll pay for other things but more than worth it. I spent so much of my 20's and early 30's looking like I didn't care about myself that it's worth £12.50 a month to look neat and lovely. If I had to give it up I would but it's not worth it to me to give it up now. 


  1. I cut my husbands hair - he's very conservative so it's just a short back and sides and even though I've never been trained I do a good job....but my sad excuse for hair has to be cut by someone who knows what they're doing - £45 every 7 - 8 weeks.

    1. I think haircuts divide the frugal community more than lots of other things :) I think I did an ok job of DH's hair but he has it cut properly into a style now and it looks very nice.

      If you have difficult to tame hair then I think it's best left to the professionals isn't it.

  2. I have never cut my own hair but for a while I coloured it myself, to save money. However, like you I feel it is important to take care of myself and I do not think it vanity, in a way I consider it to be therapy especially when you trust and have known your hairdresser for as long as I have.