Friday, 15 February 2013

What I Won't Do To Save Money

Eat porridge.

There are lots of things I will, and have, done to save money but make and eat porridge is not one. In the past we've taken on extra work, taken the car off the road, given up eating meat, sold things, given up alcohol, avoided socialising, missed full seasons watching our team, shared a chocolate bar rather than having one each! Lots of things big and small. Some have stuck, like not eating meat, some have not, like not having a car. 

I've always struggled with breakfast and must have tried everything in the book, but nothing sticks. At the end of last year we bought some instant porridge sachets as they were on offer. I really like it, it doesn't fill me up for as long as some other things I've eaten and certainly doesn't fill me up until lunch, despite what everyone says. I'm in the swing of it. So I decided in the spirit of money saving to use oats and some frozen fruit and make porridge as you're meant to. It's more than/less than (whichever is better) half the price of the processed stuff. 

So I made it today, wow it was not pleasant. I understand what people mean by "wallpaper paste" now. It went in the bin along with 4 blackberries. The oats and the fruit will be used so no waste there but it's back to expensive breakfasts for me.


  1. I am a porridge lover made with half milk/half water and with orange blossom honey. I can't stand honey but Asda orange blossom honey is more than palatable. Great blog by the way.

    1. Thank you. I blitzed the porridge that I didn't get on with in the food processor and it's fine now. I'm obviously more a fan of slop than porridge! Orange blossom honey sounds lovely, I'm not usually a fan of honey either but that sounds interesting.