Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Totting Up February

Well, it was another spendy month!

We started off with DH's birthday and took ourselves off to Shrewsbury, a place we both fell head over heels in love with. And we bought things... We went to a gig, we went to the pub, the rugby season began, I bought some very vivid trousers, we went to Ulverston, we also loved it there and we bought a few choice items. Then we took big grey bunny to the vet and that kaboomed the rest of the budget. 

So we are at savings +0. Grocery budget is -£3.31

I still have the cash in my purse to get my hair chopped tomorrow, thank goodness, I look like a scarecrow. The money is hanging in the usual spt to pay the window cleaner too. Essentials in this house.

Next month has the potential to be tricky, one of my school friends is coming over on Friday, rugby on Saturday evening (but that's paid for), night out with a university friend the following weekend and 7 days off work for DH. We have made a very serious pact with ourselves that we'll only have one "big" day out a month and spend the other days doing inexpensive things like visiting museums and clomping up hills. 

I have high hopes for the grocery budget. I have no haircut next month, no large bunny expenses, we don't need much to plump up the pantry, so even though we need some toiletries it feels as though we could get a lot for our money. Can't wait to see how it goes.

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