Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Things I'm Wrong About

I take back all I said about the Kindle. 

I decided to have a peep at DH's, as he never uses it as I said last week, it's great! I've almost doubled the amount of books I read last year (which was one, "The Night Circus"). Well, I looked at a lot of books last year but they were art books with lots of pictures so that's not the same is it? Anyway, I can read my Kindle when I'm cooking, when I'm in bed, at the beach, if I have 5 minutes, if I have 2 hours. A great thing. Of course the problem is that now I've displayed how fantastic it is to DH he wants it back! How dare he.

Another thing I'm almost certainly wrong about is sewing machines. I don't own one but I do sew a lot. My reasoning is that I like to sew while watching the telly or chatting to DH and I couldn't do that using a machine as I'd be tucked away in the kitchen rather than in the living room where all the fun happens. Yesterday I made a cushion, it would have taken me about 45 minutes using a machine but it took me 10 hours. Last year I lined the curtains in the living room, took me all week. But the way I see it is that by the time I'd saved up to buy a machine I could have done all the jobs I want to use it for so why bother? I mean, it only took me 7 months to make my first quilt and that was by hand so that's not too bad. I do like the smell of a sewing machine though. And if I had a sewing machine I would have unpicked the bit I did wrong (I sewed the envelope flappy bit the wrong way round). But I haven't, so I won't.

Here's a think people think I'm wrong about - people with pets, do you go on holiday without them?

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