Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Junk Drawer

I love my junk drawer.

I used to be really disorganised, the house was a tip, other than the bits that only DH used and it was awful. Then I threw lots of things away and cleaned up. A lot. I was a top notch Flybaby. Then we moved house and life changed, the old rules didn't seem to apply any longer. But that was fine because we're here now in our "tidy by design"* house. Things look after themselves because we don't have many things and that's fine. 

But what we do have is a garage. We didn't have a garage before, we had an understairs cupboard. So that was fine, it played to all my rules about things being easier to put away than they were to get out. This isn't true of the garage. The garage involves keys and going outside. So we picked an empty drawer in the kitchen to be the junk drawer. It has all the things that I use quite a lot but can never be bothered to go into the garage just to get something for a two minute job. So the junk drawer is really an action drawer as it stops procrastination. It has candles and matches, a couple of screwdrivers, hooks, sticky pads, masking tape and a sharpie - so important for batch cooking and labels of all kinds. It holds post-it notes and a calculator, tape measure, emergency wind up torch, scissors, a nail file and pencils. Everything I might need but never put away again. 

I have a satellite junk drawer in my bedside table too and from tomorrow it will hold a spare battery for the smoke alarm that only ever loses power at 4 in the flipping morning thank you so very flipping much beeping item. 

*other than when I'm quilting.

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