Friday, 8 February 2013

The Downside

I knew there must be a downside to being veg*n and that I'd find it at some point. It's shoes. I have three choices as far as I can see - spend a load of money, look like an old lady/small child or go for the hippy look. Can't decide which I'm going to go for yet. I'm thinking hippy, I did wear a lot of tie dye in the early 90's, I could pull that off again.

I missed that lesson at school where girls learned how to walk in high heeled or slip on shoes, just can't do it. I like my shoes to be strapped onto my stupidly narrow feet. How do people teeter around on those big spiked shoes and those wedges that have no heel at all? I watch in fascination as my mother runs down the street in silly heeled shoes. How does the magic happen?

I'm trying to sort my summer capsule wardrobe and I am lacking in the footwear department. DH thinks I'm asking too much from one pair of shoes because I want a pair that I can walk to the beach in, wear on the beach then not look like an oddity if we detour via the shops or the pub on our way home. Is that too much to ask? Maybe it's my summer clothes that are wrong rather than the shoes - am I looking at things the wrong way round, or maybe just overthinking? Do the fancy ladies have multiple pairs of shoes in their giant bags for days like this? There are too many questions and I have no clue where to find the answers. Maybe the men in my life are right when they remind me that no-one cares, including me usually.

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