Monday, 11 February 2013

Small and Beautiful

Out of the blue I received an email from a kind of friend this week. I say kind of friend as they're one of those people I know but I'm never quite sure how it happened and I never really know who I'm going to get. On the surface we have nothing in common but in another sense (a sense I don't think they always like but is occasionally a source of comfort) we have a lot in common indeed. I get the distinct impression they thought of me to contact as they were feeling bad and I (in their view) have a very mundane, uneventful life so I leave them feeling good. I think we could get along well if we stopped this crazy dance and just had an honest chat. 

"So, how are things with you?" 

Well, that's an interesting question isn't it? Things are great with me, the bulbs I bought from Home Bargains are starting to peep out, I saw a chaffinch in the garden, the bunnies are having a great time fighting over a Lego box, I have finally mastered making a really really really nice lentil chilli and I'm part way through a new quilt. And I don't want to show off but I did open a new bottle of laundry liquid last week. Delicious.  I'm not jetting off all over the world, attending gallery openings or meeting new and influential people, but these small things are good enough for me and aren't they good enough for everyone really? When it comes down to it the scale might be different but it's all about learning, comfort, beauty and joy.

Surely even the busiest person about town would be happy to turn up at my house, flop down into an armchair, have a pot of tea or coffee and a jam bun and just not have to do anything or be anyone other than themselves for a little bit. Or not?


  1. Get the kettle on, I'm coming round! I've read all your blog and will be back for more. Thank you for the comment on mine.
    Love from Mum,

    1. You'd be more than welcome, thanks for nipping in to say hello. I'm so happy to have found your blog today. I can't remember how I found my way to you, it was via someone else via someone else. Lovely to find someone from my neck of the woods.