Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Poking About In The Pantry

I love reading blog posts about what folk keep in their pantry, inventive places to store a stockpile and the dangers of chest freezers so here's mine!

It's not that easy to photograph, long and narrow as it is. but it is one of the things that attracted me to this house. 
 As you might be able to tell it's tucked in under the stairs, it also has to work pretty hard as it houses my cookery books and magazine, laundry basket, bunny food, cool box, shopping bags and a few other bits and bobs along with the food. The bookcase holds my table cloths, recipes, files and folders, magazines, puzzle books, pens and when it's not out on the coffee table as it is today it holds my WIP craft box. That's a lot for one little cupboard.
This is probably the most useful part, the spices *yum*. I buy spice blends as they work out to be good value for money for us. Plus when DH cooks he doesn't need to be intimidated by a recipe, all he needs is a spoonful of whatever mixture and it's guaranteed to work! We have blends for curries, stir fry, North African things, roasted garlic, chillies, rice blends. Delicious and we always use them up before they smell of nothing but dust!

I think my pantry might seem a bit...wasteful, there's not much in the way of own brands or value ranges (we do like Basics rice at 44p a kilo). But I cost our evening meals and they're usually well below £1 a person, usually about 50p or thereabouts. We don't eat meat or dairy, well, I'm currently weaning myself off milk, DH has already managed it, that saves a fortune so takes the sting out of coughing up for things like quinoa and nut butter. 

I do an inventory before the end of each month so we can write the next menu plan. We're very full this month as we had a field day at the health food shop in Ulverston at the weekend. I'll post up the list when it's done.

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