Thursday, 14 February 2013

It Doesn't Work For Me

I've been reading about Simple Living, penny pinching and decluttering and love hearing what everybody's up to and it's really interesting to see the same items heading out of the house time after time (I've never been to a car boot so I'm probably behind everyone else in this regard). Have I mentioned how cluttered and untidy my house used to be yet? Well it was, really bad and it took months to clear everything out, discover that the hoover works better if you switch it on and move it about and to stop recreationally shopping and do something more fun instead. 

But there's still stuff. There's the stuff in the cupboard above the oven - flasks and binoculars, yes I am obsessed with it. Then there's the stuff that just doesn't work for me, I can kind of understand why it might work for other folk but for me, no - 

George Foreman grill. Given to us by someone else who thought it was useless

Kindle. Given to us by the same person who gave us the grill

A smartphone for me. I've owned two and they both drowned in tragic circumstances. One was taken by the sea and one was hit by a thunderstorm in my coat pocket. I read something the other day, I apologise I can't remember where I read it and it said something like "if you're checking emails, blog posts and social networking sites on your phone but waiting until you're on a computer/tablet to reply then you're working too hard". That struck a chord. DH is desperate for me to get a new phone (the last one drowned at the end of July) but other than the cost I can't see a point to it for me.

The Wii. We used to love the wii but now, 5 years down the line it just sits there to fill a gap on the tv unit. I occasionally pretend I'm going to use it but then discover I've used the batteries for something better.

The TV unit. We keep it because it cost a lot of money and is nice but looks terrible in this house, but it has some surface (rabbit) damage so it probably wouldn't sell...

The weirdest stuff is the part physical-part mental stuff that just never quite leaves. I really want to make the decision and let it go but it never quite works out that way, it kind of represents failure or something to let it go. I mean things like formal exercise, rigid routines, pictures and articles ripped out of magazines, internet bookmarks, things that make it look like you're doing something but aren't actually action of any sort. You know, like Pinterest (which was really easy to let go of and never think of again)

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