Monday, 21 January 2013

What I thought about on Thursday.

This was written in August or some other time ages ago.

Yesterday I had my first quilting problem, the bias binding was too narrow. Sitting under an unbound quilt wasn't the end of the world. I also had a conversation about the difference between a MILF and a Yummy Mummy and while I was at it learned that there is a drink called a babyccino and I think it's a cup of hot milk.

Today I am happy about the cupboard that is above the cupboard that used to contain the hot air blower. Instead of solid shelves there are poles, and removing the pole at the back means I can store rolls of wrapping paper without them getting scrunched. A small thing but it stops gift wrapping fury. I also heard about something called a "funpod", having done an image search the fun is not contained within the appearance of the structure or the fact that it obviously involves a child.

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