Monday, 21 January 2013

what i thought about on monday and intro

On reflection, the fantastic cupboard is still fantastic but it doesn't remove the wrapping paper curse. I used up all the wrapping paper I had over the festive time and didn't buy more in the sales. Breaking a number of my usual rules there - not buying in the sales, not having a stock of something, using more paper than I needed to just to get rid of it. I didn't cut cards up to make gift tags or new cards. It was great. Yes I'll have to pay a quid more for wrapping paper but on the other hand my feud with wrapping paper will be over.

I'm a normal person, not a super-frugal, black belt, frugaller than thou frugalista type. I don't want to live in a cottage or have an allotment or live in the countryside. In fact if I drop a bar on my phone reception or see a road with the words "quiet lane" or "passing places" I break into a sweat. I am a townie, but not in a cake and crochet kind of a way. Just in a normal person doing normal person things. Not everything is about spending or saving, I like doing some things that cost money, I also like lots of cheap and free stuff. I don't usually use coupons or markets or Aldi, I don't avoid the shops, I don't stockpile. I like balance so slightly more than enough of sensible things like food, slightly less than average for things like clothes, a lot less than average of things like holidays and a lot more than average of orange things.

It wasn't always like that but it is now. For how it was in the past read all other frugal blogs where people wake up realising they have no cash and go about sorting that out. 

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