Thursday, 31 January 2013

Totting Up January

And how we did was quite shocking. We took to spending like rabbits to destroying carpet. I've mentioned it a few times already but December and January have been different to all the previous months for years. We just did what we wanted. If we wanted to go out then we did, if we wanted to shop, we shopped, if we wanted to watch the footie at the pub then that's where we went. So I shouldn't be all that surprised at how much money we burned through. 

But totting it up on Monday I discovered that including the £10 per weekend we have as safety value fun money we spent as much on food and drinks as we have for the grocery budget. Luckily it's out of our system. The menu plan states "out" for two of the first three days of February but one day will be takeaway paid for by someone else for DH's birthday (probably a chip butty) and the other "out" is out trip to Nottingham for DH's birthday. I think we're going to take a picnic then maybe just have a little something while we're out. Maybe a cuppa or a slice of cake but I don't think we'll have a full meal. We have pizza in the freezer if we still fancy something when we get home. Anyway, is it's still windy and wet we might stay closer to home, I never fail to be entertained by sea foam.

Savings, target + 10%
Grocery budget, under by a few pence *yay*

I'm hoping to be closer to target + 50% in February but you never can tell. The rate at which bits of the garage roof are landing on the drive anything could happen and probably will!

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