Thursday, 24 January 2013

Peace and Quiet

For the fifth or sixth time I deactivated my Twitter account. I did the same with facebook last week, it is so peaceful.

I started to think about how I'd removed facebook first even though it's full of people I really know but kept the other thing. Lots of people complain about the ads on facebook but twitter is just as bad, everything is an ad there, it's just that they're all links to things I like rather than for all manner of things whether I'm interested or not. So I suppose it's a bit of snootiness to say that you're on the more cool one rather than the one your mum's on. But it's all the same thing. 

One of my mates said that facebook is the face you have to put out to the world whereas t'other one is the face you want to put out. That's the interesting thing to me, why does there have to be a difference? If we want to be who we are then why would we compromise in something that's meant to be our own space? It's the same with blogs, there seems to be a thing where people have to refer to certain things because not commenting on them automatically makes people think you must be anti-whatever it is. We all know that it's not how life works that if I don't post something as my status for an hour that it must mean I think cancer is a great thing or that puppies should be told off. It's nonsense, but it's also really interesting. Maybe it's just back to the same old thing that it's more interesting to think about the questions that aren't asked and what isn't being said as well as what is. 

I didn't intend to talk about that as it's been done to death, but no-ones reading this other than me so it doesn't matter anyway. It was meant to be about peace and how we/I divide things up. I fast forward adverts on tv, don't buy magazines and all the usual stuff to avoid advertising but then welcome it onto my various screens because it's knitted or drip fed in a friendly way from shops and services I use. I know we all make up the rules to our lives and we're riddled with inconsistency and I find it fun, ignoring the inconvenient truths, rationale thinking and editing to make ourselves look great, it makes us look so silly and that's part of the enjoyment of everything.

I enjoy noticing when I'm being marketed to, it's also fun to notice when I'm very much not the target audience. Recently I've started to notice that I don't "get" things that are for younger people and I love that! That stuff isn't for me, in the same way that my parents didn't get why I thought low-fi was good. It's comforting to see that things carry on and patterns repeat themselves.

And now, porridge.


  1. Don't be so sure that no-one is reading this!!
    I have a Facebook account - I get to know what my daughters are doing! (and friends)it keeps us in touch each day when I am too busy to phone. Don't have Twitter though and my very old mobile is hardly ever charged so texting isn't for me but then I have lived quite a long time without all this new media technology so I find it hard to actually need it and use it so I think my life might be quite peaceful still as a result.

    1. Hello, thank you for visiting.

      After I wrote this I had conversation with DH about this, he's a techno guy and I am not a techno gal so he doesn't quite grasp why I'm not as excited about these things as him. I came to a similar conclusion to you, I can remember the time without all this stuff so still see the internet as a tool whereas he sees it as a lifestyle thing, so he's more connected (in all senses) to it.

      I can imagine that it's very useful to use facebook to know what your children are doing though!