Monday, 28 January 2013

February Menu Plan

DH was the main author of this month's menu plan, so let's see how it goes! It is what it is, I don't give things exciting names to make them sound more exotic than they are and have a basic formula. the most obvious part of that is Friday night curry. This is only our third month of doing a monthly rather than weekly plan but it seems to work better for us than weekly. 

Week One

1. out
2. gnocci

Week Two

3. out
4. lentil bol
5. mini roast
6. chilli (freezer)
7. pasties w. wedges
8. curry
9. pizza

Week Three 

10. beans on toast (rugby)
11. rendang curry w. tofu
12. shepherdess pie
13. shepherdess pie
14. pasta bake w. garlic bread
15. curry
16. beanburgers

Week Four

17. haggis
18. leek and butterbean stew w. fried haggis
19. risotto
20. thanksgiving pot pie
21. tacos
22. curry
23. ciabatta pizza

Week Five

24. roast
25. rendang curry
26. mustardy veg and bean cobbler
27. jambalaya
28. enchiladas

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