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More, More, More

More work, more sleep, more rain, more doing, more fun, more stuff, more cooking, more failing, more trying again. That just about sums up the week. 

It finally stopped raining yesterday so I'll say no more about that. I have been at the charity shop four days this week because we've had so much stuff to deal with and we are bare bones in terms of staff, one manager is away, the other manager is needed to cover another shop, we have no van driver. One of the ladies was unable to get in earlier this week as her road was being resurfaced so the bus wasn't running, another lady fell and dislocated her shoulder so she's off for a while and a third was involved in a car crash (I saw her yesterday and she is very shaken and very bruised but has no serious physical injuries).

So it's been a bit hectic!

Dan is also at work this morning, he works in an office so has a regular 9-5, well 8-5ish, he sometimes works in the evening or goes somewhere overnight, but never a Saturday …
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Buy It, Pay, Go Home

Every time I buy something online I remember how much I dislike buying things online. 

The absolute joy of the veg box is that the ordering system assumes lots of people aren't going to be in 9-5 so it leaves a nice space for you to put specific instructions for the delivery driver. Why is that not common practice? I mean, maybe it is for some companies but not in my experience. Why are we still in the nonsense position where neighbours are expected to take in parcels? Last year a delivery person asked me if I would take in a parcel for my neighbour, as I'm not a totally miserable creature I agreed and he handed over a 55 inch telly. 

How many people would you trust with a 55 inch telly? I know that wouldn't fit into a drop box, but like those lockers that have popped up outside supermarkets, houses should be built with them.

For my neighbours I've also taken in Hunter wellies, Hello Fresh recipe boxes, who knows how many packages of clothing. My neighbours don't know…

Shedding The Things That Hold Me Back

It's not all decluttering.

After all the discussion about fast fashion, who made my clothes, textile waste and over consumption I started thinking about craft supplies, where the fabrics are produced and under what conditions. So I began to work through the fabrics I own to make a scrappy quilt. It turns out my scraps haven't gone all that far and I currently have about a third of a quilt top. 

The whole time something else has been on my mind, the fabrics I just don't want to use. A few years ago, well before any announcement of The Return I purchased some Twin Peaks (the t.v show) fabrics. After seeing the the newest series those original fabrics just didn't seem appropriate and I just can't bring myself to use them. I've tried an numerous occasions but it's just not right. So I've finally sorted them, and some other bits that I'm never going to use and they're leaving the house.

The pile bottom right will be repurposed , I think as part of the s…

Saving, Spending, Hopefully Eating

AS I mentioned last week we on a water efficiency drive, so the main aim for June was to buy and fit a water butt. Due to the position of our drainpipes there was only one possible location for a butt, so we could only buy a 100l slimline model. We went for a very cheap and cheerful option from B&Q, costing £25 for a kit with everything we needed to get going.

Fitting went fairly smoothly, everything was straightforward, but the pipe itself was a bit dodgy, obviously a botch job by the previous owner. Dan removed quite a lot of debris and a tennis ball from the pipe/ top part of the drain but clearing it completely wasn't possible - a task for the future.

But it didn't take all that long until we were up and running, then it started to rain so we could see it in action!

A few years ago we dug out a section of lawn to create a veg bed, it was a bit of a disaster, Dan wasn't all that engaged, and I went too big too soon, but it was pretty good for the birds! The veg bed is …


One thing that's been on my mind for a little while but it has been hitting me in the face during my holiday is how much negativity I encounter on a daily basis - not directed towards me, just a general vibe. 
I feel very fortunate that I don't feel the negative drain on social media that seems to bother lots of people, I feel the opposite, I follow accounts that I find informative, beautiful or are just held by people who give off a lovely positive feel, even if it's not something I'd necessarily be interested in. 
It's in real life I feel the negativity. I have one friend/acquaintance/whatever that I speak to almost every day but oh my word they can find the clouds on a sunny day. Although I love to discuss and debate things with some people there are just some people that I'm not prepared to waste my energy on, it's one of the reasons that I don't tell people what I think they should do here, I just talk about what I do. That thumbs up emoji (is it an …

My Little Green Actions - May

How you spend your days is how you spend your life is a phrase that keeps popping up, and it's one that's quite fitting for me at the minute. 

I seem to be spending the year improving myself one way and another, whether I like it or not. It's now over 5 months since I drank alcohol, I've cycled every week Monday to Friday since January 1st (other than at Easter when I gave myself Good Friday and Easter Monday off). The veg box has increased the variety of food on the menu each week. I've improved my sleep and have cut lots of caffeine out of my days, and I've stuck to my aim of spending a minimum of 20 minutes outside daily unless the weather is awful.
It wasn't part of the plan but I've fallen into the routine of adding a new task each month to develop into a habit. The end of April/ start of May was all about sleep, the end of May has been about water.
We're not on a water meter so it's been easy to ignore water waste but when I started to think …

My Boring Photo Collection

But sometimes boring, mundane things are the things that make me happy. 
Quite a few years ago I bought a couple of compost bins because composting is the right thing to do, we have the space and all that stuff. We filled both of the bins and then just didn't do anything with them, they've just sat there for years doing who knows what. Since then we've all learned the world is on fire, I've turned a corner with the garden and everything is calling me to act. So this weekend it became very important to face the potentially stinky, mouse-ridden, stinky, uncomposted, sludgy mess of the bins, so yesterday Dan started the job, in the rain and the wind.

We piled the contents of the first bin into trugs, nothing was smelly, or slimy, there were a couple of insects and spiders, but that was it - not even a slug!

We sifted everything and bagged the compost, well I call it compost, I assume I can call it that but it wasn't the rich, lovely, earthy stuff I see on the telly when …