Sunday, 16 September 2018

Hi Ho Silver Lining

Today we were supposed to be heading off to Wolverhampton to watch Burnley, however events have conspired against us and we haven't made the trip. It's a bit of a rubbish end to a very turbulent week, one I will be more than happy to see come to an end. 

To take our mind off things we decided to have a tidy up. Long story short, another 21 books have been decluttered. 

A few of these only narrowly made the cut last time, but in order to fit everything on the shelf we'd allocated some more had to go - from now on books are on a strict one in-one out policy. The biggest boost is that although it still looks messy, the sideboard is almost half empty now. There are still envelopes in there that I've owned since the 90's but the amount of general junk is still reducing. 

We also got rid of a box file and an ornament. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

More Things From Cupboards

After my bold claims of not needing to rid the kitchen of any more clutter I found a few things in the utensil drawer. 

Here's how the drawer looked last November after the last round of pruning

Here we are today

My parents are having a new kitchen and they silenced the designer when they were offered the option of pan drawers my mum announced she only owns two pans! It made me think I have a lot, but I do like and use them all, although I am eyeing the griddle pan with suspicion. Finally I decided to donate a herb chopper. My parents bought some new knives and received the chopper as a free gift, they passed it on to me as they don't want it. I don't want it either. 

Over the weekend we sorted out more books and other assorted things

Last night Dan suggested we take a look at the board games, we don't play games all that often so it seems like an obvious thing to do, but I love the design of them so much I find it hard, but I don't think I got rid of any when I found Dan's underbed stash of junk a while ago. 

Three games and some gifts I didn't give to my nieces. A couple of other games are on the maybe list so we're going to play them this weekend and see how it goes. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Don't Make Me Enjoy Myself

I don't like to go on holiday, it's quite easy for me not to go away because it's just not something I've ever done. When I was little we went to the same campsite every year doing the same things and they provide incredibly happy memories for me. But then holidays stopped, when I was a young adult I never had the money to go away, then later I was working during holiday periods so it wasn't possible. People find it staggering that I've never had a holiday with my friends and that I haven't left the UK since the 1990s.

But you just make the most of things, not missing what you've never had and all that kind of thing. Dan would love to go away and I know he has plans to get me somewhere by dangling the carrot of train travel when the time comes.

Occasionally when we have a day out I think it might be nice to be able to have an overnight stay, but when I really think about it what I actually want is to go to sleep, and not have to do the washing up. 

Anyone else not bothered about going away?

Monday, 10 September 2018

Weekend At Home

Thankfully lack of funds had forced the decision to stay at home this weekend, rubbishy weather made us very happy about it. 

I finally said goodbye to the wool coat and fancy shoes I'd decided to part with a couple of weeks ago. It had not been my intention to donate them this weekend but I couldn't find my umbrella and had just had it with the bags of stuff waiting to go to the right place. We drove to Lytham and dropped everything off at the same shop. Done. It was a bit of an emotional moment truth be told, but the things are gone and I don't have to think about them again. The manager of the charity shop was also very pleasant which made me feel better. 

It also inspired me to have another wardrobe prune when we got home. So far I have ditched two dresses and a skirt. One of the dresses was on borrowed time as I'd made a deal with myself that I either wore it for a party during the December festival or it had to go. My mind was made up when I tried on a skirt that last time round zipped up but wasn't quite as flattering as it could be. Today I couldn't get it round my bum so the decision was made. My interest in exercise has totally disappeared and I didn't have a meltdown about how much fatter I am, I just chucked the skirts and moved on. 

The main reason for our mini jaunt out was to visit the library, ours is still out of action so we have to venture a mile or so further down the road, yes I probably would be smaller in the bum region had I walked instead, but as previously discussed, I couldn't find my brolly! We came home with a nice stack of books anyway and I had a nice chat with the librarian about cake - she wanted to know about egg replacers. 

We found another 31 books to take to the charity shop.

Dan had promised that if we spent the day relaxing on Saturday then he's crack on with decorating the bathroom on Sunday, I think we can all guess that it didn't turn out that way. We spent the rest of the time watching favourite episodes of Grand Designs and reading our many new books. Truth be told, I'm not that bothered about the bathroom anyway.  

Friday, 7 September 2018

I Must Have Been Bored

Somehow, and I can't remember how it happened, I've seen a few clean along videos on YouTube. Yesterday I found myself up a reasonably rickety step ladder cleaning on top of the kitchen cupboards. Unsurprisingly they were dusty as the last time I remember doing this task was around four years ago, although it probably has happened since.

Then in that way that happens when there's already a bucket of soapy water available I cleaned out the other cupboards, and even after our recent decluttering there were a few things to remove. 

The dishes had chips around the rim so they had to go, the three side plates are going to the garage to use as crock, the rest is just assorted stuff from the drawers, including some furniture protector pads that just weren't very heavy duty.

Now I have lots of space! It's slightly annoying that the jug has to live where it does but the top shelf is too high to fit and I couldn't get the whatever-they're-called out to move the shelf. 

We have a lot of glasses for some reason, when I think of the amount we have already donated it was a bit of a silly situation. I really don't have that many friends. 

We bought a bin! It's not stylish but it's really good for holding rubbish, amazingly I don't use a jar for that purpose. 

I didn't quite get the room finished as Dan spent the afternoon working in the dining area, but I know the other two cupboards don't have anything to chuck, so nothing fun will happen. I don't regret losing anything we remove from the house, even though I find it hard to make the decision, if I finally decide on a course of action then that's it and I'm calm about it, no matter what.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

No Apologies

I have seen posts popping up all over the place about making no apologies for just living life and thought it was a good idea, then it came home to me yesterday. A regular customer was chatting to me and I mentioned that I'd met a friend for a meal then we'd been to a pub. 

"Oh, you're a drinker are you" they said. "Is your boyfriend a drinker too?"

And I started to explain myself. Then I wondered why I was explaining myself to this near stranger. Also the phrase a drinker has connotations doesn't it, suggests a bit of a problem*. This is something I keep spotting, people dressing up judgement as concern. 

The more we chatted the more annoyed I became and by the end of the conversation I had decided to not apologise, take up my space, and not to justify myself to people who have no role in my life anyway.

It made be cross as you can tell.  

*I am overly fond of crisps.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

In The Window

The window theme for this week was "you say it's Autumn, for me it's still summer".

Lots of Autumnal colours but with a injection of zest!

Another work week over and done with.