Wednesday, 7 December 2016


I opened the window in the living room this morning to chuck some food out for the birds and the window fell out! The whole thing, not just the glass. Eeeeeek. Dan shoved it from the outside as I held it inside and it popped back into place. So we've secured it. The whatever it's called that holds the window in place when it's open has rusted away so when I opened it the main latch thingamy that holds the window in place couldn't take the weight.

I was not expecting that. 

Dan is very pleased with the winter decorations now so it was worth the minor amount of fussing. As promised here is the link to the post about how I made the fabric trees. Yesterday I ventured out of the house to the charity shop and stopped off at the fabric shop to choose the first fabrics for the Super Furry quilt. I am now exceptionally excited about it. 

Monday, 5 December 2016

I Tried

Last night Dan very politely requested that we have a few winter themed decorations up in the house. Of course I agreed because the axis of the Earth doesn't go straight through me. So i made a start today. 

Unfortunately I am not very well at the moment so I am currently sitting with a cup of tea, watching as the decorations fall over and onto the floor. Whatever stays up can stay, I'll pick everything else up eventually, or a rabbit will chew it. Something will happen any way. 

Oh dear.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

International Language of Sewing

Yesterday we had a very long day out to Llandudno to see Super Furry Animals at Venue Cymru. We always try to go to a gig or show in December, this one came nice and early in the month. Last year we ventured out on the evening of Storm Desmond - the sea was angry that day my friends.

It was a gorgeous day so we had a stroll on the prom, did a small amount of Christmas shopping, visited the art gallery, watched the lovely Christmas parade, complete with donkeys, played on the 2p slot machines in the arcade and had a falafel kebab at Barnacles!

A first for me at the gig was to be sniffed by a drugs dog! On these occasions I'm always slightly concerned that the dog may be excited that I smell of rabbits but all was well!

I don't usually buy merch at gigs but there was an SFA tea towel. Earlier that day Dan had requested a small quilt for him to use in bed. He is a cold boy and often has an extra cover but they can tend to drag off the bed or whatever so he wants one with no overhang, if you see what I mean. The tea towel gave me an idea. The man on the stall said "you're not going to dry the dishes with that are you" so I assured him I was not and was going to make a quilt from it. "Awww, that's a lovely idea, I've never heard that before" he replied, and off I went to enjoy the show.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

New Neighbours

Yesterday our very nice neighbour moved out and someone else moved in. 

It has got off to a bit of a shaky start as they parked across our drive so Dan couldn't fit the car in. They kindly offered to move their vehicle if we wanted them to. The mother of the people moving in joked "we're not off to a very good start with you are we?" 

I'm so glad Dan is a nice person, even after a bad day at work!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Point Of View

The theme of the last month or so has been changing my focus. It's so easy to get into a routine where everything I read, hear or do just serves to reinforce what I already think so I've been making changes and it's been fantastic. 

I've changed the way I consume news and it has been a breath of fresh air, it's given me a new perspective on things and changed my focus, it makes the world seem depressing/inspiring in a whole new way!

It was brought home to me again when we went to the talk at Edge Hill University the other evening, so many of the questions from academics came from a very narrow perspective and the speaker said a number of times that it was important to get out of our echo chamber and see how other people see things. He used Brexit as a great example, how many people do you hear saying they didn't know anyone who would vote to leave, but here we are? We have a view of the world but it doesn't mean it's true*. I agree with him, often when you speak with someone from inside something, in this case the arts, it's impossible for them to imagine life without the influence of that thing, it's so fundamental. 

When I was interested in art college I wouldn't have been able to go were it not for one of my teachers giving me the money to get to the interviews, or buy my portfolio and most of my supplies - not that my parents didn't care but it just wasn't something we could spend that huge amount of money on. When you've moved past that point it's hard to remember those basic things, when the belief system you move into is that anything is possible as long as you can imagine it to be so. It's hard to bridge the gap between aspiration and practicality sometimes (has anyone ever been on a diet?).

Darren Henley said that if we don't think differently then we won't innovate, sounds so obvious but it's easy to stay in a routine that works, and to fool ourselves into thinking we're making changes when they're really just the same thing in a very slightly different package. So whether it's a risk, break, change, holiday, fresh start, sea change, or just asking what's the point of this? looking at things in a different way can be amazing. 

*I'm a nihilist so I don't really think anything is true, but you know what I mean. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hungry Girl, Lazy Girl

Dan was in London yesterday, and he was very fortunate to get on a train home amid massive disruption at rush hour. I was frozen by the time I got home from the charity shop (yes, I'm still there, I just don't mention it as much as I used to), the only heating in the shop comes from one of those annoying over the door heaters, and it's broken! So we have a few warm air blowers that heat about 6 inches of air and that's it!

I was also hungry, and tired, ooooh woe is me! So I made the easiest thing I could think of at the time. 

I mixed the last couple of mushrooms, frozen sweet potato and onion, some grilled peppers from a jar, passata and some herbs and spices into the oven for about half an hour, maybe a bit longer. After I took this picture I decided to add a carton of black beans too. For the last few minutes I put some nut roast and a pitta into the oven too. 

Cheap and cheerful, it worked surprisingly well and there's some left for lunch tomorrow. At Dan's suggestion I had also splashed out on a sweet treat, a mince pie from Caffe Nero, I don't like mince pies, but he said I'd like this one and he was right! It wasn't cheap but I enjoyed it very much. I now have to make sure I take a different route to the shop so I'm not tempted to nip in every time!

Tonight will be  quick something or other from the freezer as we're off to Edge Hill University again for a talk by Darren Henley, Chief Exec of The Arts Council about The Arts Dividend, the seven key benefits arts and culture bring to our lives, to society and for the nation on the world stage. I'm looking forward to it. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016


My festive joy is over. I decided to really try this year, but you know what I just can't face it. I'm not religious, although I love the religious aspects of Christmas, but everything else I just can't be bothered.

We had to delve under the stairs for something the other day so we took out the decorations and all I could see was more junk cluttering up the house. So it's all been put away again until we decide whether to let it go or put ourselves through this charade again next year. 

I'll continue to do the things I need to do out of duty - the family things, but other than that i's just another month. Sounds amazing. I will still be making a trifle.