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Nice, But Not That Nice

Starting with a shockingly obvious statement, I like nice things. I love things that are well made, beautiful, unusual, classic, bespoke and all those things. I'm just not all that bothered about having them for myself, it's enough just to know they exist and people get enjoyment from them. 
I'm a Basic Bish, no debate about that.
There have been a couple of things recently that have just been too expensive and I'm just not prepared to spend/waste my money on them. My new bathroom started me down this road. When we had the bathroom refitted in our old house we spent a lot of money on it and I did like it, and I don't regret it but now I am in the camp of form following function. This time round we've gone plain, it's so plain, I very much doubt it could be less exciting and that's what I like about it. 
A couple of years ago we watched an old film of the architect who designed our house, he was most upset looking at an estate he designed where people had p…
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I'm Not Smashing It

Killing it, crushing it, slaying it (bit extreme for a basic person like me) making my future self thankful, putting my big girl pants on, being stronger than my excuses, or being "goals". 

I joined an online group because my friend, who is the founder, needed numbers, and it is an eye opener. The language - you'd think we were all planning to compete in the Olympics not be slightly fitter so the doctor doesn't tell us off, or so that we can manage to bend down without making a funny noise. 

I'm just getting up twenty minutes early to do some exercise and not eating as much Vego spread, this morning I didn't even keep my eyes shut for the first five minutes, I mark that down as progress. I think I'll just have resign myself to the fact that I'm not an inspirational person and try to get on with life.

I Am One Third Pistachio

First things first - the Bros documentary, wow!

We have veered away from the menu plan towards the very end of the month as I was struck down by the lurgy (I'm not one to blame people for things but I think it came from my youngest niece). There was a small amount of food waste - a small portion of salad and a pudding, everything else was either crammed into the ice box or used for something else. I don't mind the pantry being full as nothing will be wasted but the past week or so really has rammed home to me that I probably need to buy about a third of the amount of food I actually buy. 

I made some balsamic red cabbage

a large, and very tasty, salad

maple roasted carrots with lentils, pistachios and pomegranate.

A delicious roast 

with plenty of leftovers 

I was too ill to attend the football on Boxing Day so missed out on my leftovers sandwich - a worthwhile sacrifice as we lost 5-1. The following day we had bubble and squeak.

Dan made some wraps for with some falafel and salad

and …

Cook Once, Eat Twice

This month has been all about planned leftovers and salad.

For lunch I've been switching between soup and salads, this one was bottom of the fridge cous cous. 

We ate quite a bit of chickpea dhal, this time with vegetable rice, avocado and turmeric cauliflower. 

Butterbean and squash stew with roast potatoes.

A combination of all of the above! Leftover stew and potatoes with salad.

The roasted squash seeds had been part of the meal plan but we ate them as a snack, they're just too tempting! This week is built around leftovers and using things up too, just as well as we're well stocked with all the bargain veg available recently.

December Food

I've been cooking once and eating two or three times so far this month, and on top of that keep forgetting to snap what we have. At the start of the month I made a very nice pot of chilli, enough for three days, probably the nicest one I've made for years. No photos though. 

There's been quite a lot of soup. This was a cheep and cheerful lentil, carrot and onion.

This week we've eaten the first chestnut stew of the winter. This was chestnut, mushroom and green lentil with some mash and veg. 

I have been struggling to find a spread I liked, most have a weird tang to them that I just don't like. Over the past couple of months there had been a lot of talk about one brand that was a bit more butter-like. Unfortunately, the nearest stockist is over 40 miles away, fortunately, the stockist is in the centre of Burnley - somewhere I visit once a fortnight!

It is absolutely delicious, and it melts on hot toast! (£2 from selected Sainsbury's) Visiting the supermarket was a s…

The Dark Side Of The Room

If you've been reading for a bit, you'll have this this type of view before, the overstuffed shelves of my pantry. We did a larger shop, which should cover most of this month, so there's no space to squeeze much else.  

We have more than enough treats to keep us going as our friend sent over a ton of goodies from Germany

I'm probably going to place this next picture in the top 5 most boring pictures I've shared here, its the far end of the pantry. Not an area I tend to share as it's the most functional space in the whole house - far less exciting than under the sink. The plan had been to have new shelving fitted this year to make the most of the space, but we've had so many other household expenses it will have to wait.

Today I decided to sort it out as it can become a bit of a dumping ground. This area needs to work really hard as along with storing all of our non-refrigerated food it needs to hold quite a bit of household stuff too (some of you may find this…

Thrifty December - Gifts

It's pretty well documented here that I am not a Christmas person, so I'm only going to mention it on one occasion after today. Over the past couple of years I have managed to have the "no gift buying" conversation with some success but for other people gift swapping is still a thing, most people I know love the festivities, it means more to them than it does to me so I go with it. Well, actually the person who was most reluctant to not giving gifts has just given us money for the past few years, but whatever. 

Funds are very low at the moment so we've had to be extra thrifty this year with our gift giving. I realise my thrifty is still not as inexpensive as some people, but I don't move in circles where second hand would go down well at all, it's all been about balance.

Regifting. We have regifted a few things, some bunting I made for the shop a couple of years ago. I found it when tidying the workroom a couple of weeks ago and so when we needed an emergen…