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100 Items - GaRAGE

Recently I watched a video where someone went around their house and found 100 things to declutter. Now, this person had a few children and a lot more stuff than I do, but I thought I'd give it a try. However, the ruthlessly efficient Dan whisked the stuff off to the charity shop and recycling centre before I had time to document everything.

In this bag are two games, some jewellery, a shaver, potato ricer, festive table cloth, cushion covers, a candle plate, something else fabric and other things I've already forgotten. There were 23 things in the bag. Plus 4 shopping bags, so we're up to 27 already. 

Our garage appears uncluttered to the casual observer, there's enough space for us to store the car for example. But, I knew there was stuff we didn't need and general disorganisation. I knew that because Dan needed an inner tube for his bike, went to the shop (because he couldn't be bothered to wade through the mass of stuff in the shelves) then found not one, but…
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Frugal Friday - Nine

1. Discount day out! We took advantage of a special ticket offer from Northern Rail to visit Liverpool. We tend to drive to Liverpool as the journey from here is long and expensive with lots of hanging around. However, if we travelled from a a station a short drive away (with free parking) we could be in the city in a hour and a bit, which made it the same as to drive there. The outbound tickets were £7 each and the returns 10p! Regular price would be just over £18. 

We went to Tate Liverpool to the Keith Haring exhibition, if you get the chance to go I recommend it, great value for money. Tickets were 50% off with our Art Pass, £6.25 each. 

That was as money saving as our trip to Liverpool got. As we strolled around looking at the menu boards of the various cafes and restaurants I spotted in the distance exactly where I wanted to eat - Pieminister.

Mash, peas, kale (yes indeed) and parsnip fritter and Kevin which is mushroom, red wine, baby onions and quinoa, 100% delicious. We did shar…


I think I've known for a long time that often storage is a problem, not a solution and that lots of things I have stored away wouldn't be missed if they just weren't here at all. I have also known for a long time that a lot of the storage I have isn't really what I need. 

This sideboard was given to us years ago by my parents, again now I think about it they did it as much to get it out of their house as they did to help us fill our (then) new house. I'm noticing that a lot, people doing you a favour by giving you something when there's an element of them just wanting to get rid of it, but not feel guilt about throwing it away or wasting it. Disagree? Then I say to you this - home grown courgettes, you know what I mean.  

Getting this sideboard up the stairs was really hard and we know there's no getting it down again without smashing it up, and yet, I know that if it wasn't there things would be fine if not better. 

It holds a mix of stuff, from football …

Nut Roast

Thanks to everyone for their views on leafy greens. 

Jackie asked what nut roast is, so here it is. Maybe it's known elsewhere as nut loaf, whatever it is, nut roast is a proper old school meat free meal. I confess I was quite surprised at how many recipes weren't vegan when I was hunting around, but there you go, some people will stick eggs and cheese into everything. In the end I searched for easy nut roast because I'm not the most keen cook in the land, and of course there is my uncultured palate to take into consideration. 

Nut roast is simply assorted nuts ground up with some breadcrumbs and a few other bits, squished into a loaf tin and cooked in the oven. 

My Easy Nut Roast came from The Vegan Society and is just as the name suggests, just 225g ground up nuts, some ground almonds, and 100g breadcrumbs (3 slices of medium in my case), a softened leek or onion and some herbs -I used thyme, sage and chipotle, my favourite combination. I did have to buy the ground almonds,…

Operation Leafy Greens

Change can be hard, and changing from a cabbage and greens light diet to one with a different type each week is particularly hard. Leafy greens didn't appear on my plate as a youngster as my mum doesn't like them, so here I am as a middle aged woman trying to bring them into my routine.

Monday. I'm making nut roast for the first time, I usually use a ready made mix but over the past year or so I've been reacting to peanuts, and most mixes contain them. I'm using the most simple recipe I could find figuring I can learn from it and tweak it next time round. The nut roast will be served with mash, peas, carrots and cabbage. There will be lots of cabbage smothering gravy. 

Tuesday, leftover nut roast stuffed into pointy peppers, I went shopping with my friend on Friday and bought the peppers from Aldi as they were on special offer, I don't tend to buy fresh things from Aldi as I don't think it lasts, but for 59p I thought it was worth a go. 

Wednesday dhal with ch…

Frugal Friday - Eight

I've had quite a good week, some of it was money saving. 

1. A free telly! We've had our current set for 9 years, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. However, I live with a person who is more interested in these things than I am, so when we were offered a larger, more modern version of the tv we have we agreed to take it. However, it's far too heavy for our tv unit so for the moment it's stashed under the stairs, and I have to ask myself do I want to see Jacob Rees-Mogg, Jeremy Corbyn and Ian Blackford 20% larger and in HD? 

2. This is two good things in one. I went to the other fabric shop in town as my regular one is closed for a well deserved holiday. The type of thread I prefer wasn't stocked there so I left empty handed. When I got home I hunted around and found a bag I'd stashed in a daft place with thread that was ideal. 

The thing is, had I been carrying cash I probably would have bought the thread I didn't want just because the lady had hel…

It's A Problem I Have

Firstly, I know I have a lot of stuff.

I spotted a cooking pot at the charity shop on Tuesday, and after much dithering about needs v wants I bought it on Wednesday. 

It's a 22cm pot, a great size for us. Then I had to make room for it, despite not wanting to get rid of anything else, so as soon as Dan headed off to work I got cracking. 

I felt the baking cupboard was key, the way we cook has changed slightly and things we didn't use all that much have come into almost daily use while other things have fallen out of favour. 

We don't use the cake and loaf tins all that much so they didn't need to be in a prime site, so I removed them and shifted the shelf to make room for the food processor.

Finally, the blender jug can stand up rather than roll around on a shelf.

The other main cupboard is a bit ridiculous as it runs down the side of the washing machine, so it's huge, but not all that user friendly. 

Food processor, salad spinner, bowls, Pyrex, casseroles, it's all i…