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Freebie and Bargain of the Week

I forgot to take a picture of the outfit I wore on Saturday, I was too excited beforehand, and too covered in what I can only hope was beer by the time it ended. I wore a mustard top (which, it turns out, I had on backwards) and a gold skirt, it was a good choice, I was easy to spot in the crowd according to Dan - there was a lot of black in evidence. Also according to Dan I am a cheap date as I didn't want to go anywhere beforehand and resisted merchandise. We also parked right next to the venue - £2 for the whole evening!

I spent yesterday with my family, which involved being on my own with the small people for a bit - why people choose to do that and how they put up with it I have no idea, it's no surprise parents get a day, they need all the gifts. I don't think there's a weird, awkward Auntday, although I did try to say it was next week and that everyone should make me a card. I don't think I'll get one from the 9 year old, I nutmegged him when we were play…
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Charity Shop Conversations

My charity shop buddy often starts a conversation with "don't you think.." and I have to be honest most of the time I don't think that thing, but we talk about it anyway. 

The conversation could be about anything she'd read in the local paper but yesterday it was about someone bringing up their child as a vegetarian. "But don't you think she should have personal choice, she's only two". So I thought about it, had a sip of the beyond awful instant coffee we have at the moment, and said that I didn't think as a two year old she really had much personal choice about anything, that we're a brought up and live our lives believing and doing all manner of things, none of them are based on facts, they're just based on tradition, convention, belief system, location, money and all manner of other things. Things that seem normal and right to me might seem incredibly odd to someone else - something I learned every day when I went out with a lad f…

March Week Three

I was amazed at how much some food items had gone up this week! Thankfully vegetables were still reasonably priced but other bits and bobs, 10p here, 20p there, not fun at all. Has anyone else noticed that?

Last week was really quiet, Dan attended a leaving lunch for a work colleague and we went to Preston to see the Martin Creed exhibition again, but other than that we only visited the supermarket. We had planned to have a weekend in the garden, but as the weather took a turn for the worse on Thursday evening and didn't pick up again plans went out of the window a bit. 

Some of the more glamorous tasks we did to bring things forward this weekend were to declutter some less than gorgeous undergarments and dozen pairs of socks (no I didn't keep them for dusting). Dan examined the bathroom light as it had stopped working, a quick tighten of the bulb and it works! For the first time in weeks, since my splurge shop in February, I felt the urge to eat a stew, Dan had requested more s…

Just Add Sun

On my picnic I spotted hedgehogs

something that I think is a pheasant


lots of rabbits 

and a very hungry caterpillar!

Amazingly the picnic blanket is finished. 
I did put it away but it came as a surprise to no-one that I just couldn't leave it and I cracked on with the binding yesterday. The finish is terrible, the binding is embarrassingly bad, somehow it's wonky, but it is finished and we have all enjoyed sitting on it. It's getting that scrumpled, worn in look already!

Might be indoor picnics for a while yet though. 


I spent some of the weekend making the picnic blanket. I'm about a quarter of the way through the binding, and I've learned a lot. Machine quilting is like ordering a takeaway, at first it seems like a good idea, but after a short while the joy has worn off and you're left thinking that you could have made something more satisfying yourself. 

The main thing I've learned is that I do not enjoy using the sewing machine at all. The project became something to do, it felt like it was all about getting it finished rather than creating something. I can't deny how exciting is was to see strips coming together so quickly, but that soon subsided and it was just about getting it done. For me it has been like making bread using a bread maker, yes, technically you've made something yourself, but you've not really been involved in the process, machines have done the heavy lifting. 

I also made the massive error of deciding to use the back as the binding, never ever again.…

Freebie and Bargain of the Week

Hmmmmm. Nothing. 

We were given some cake. A work colleague generously gave Dan a container of cake that her daughter had made. She's a young teenager and has just taken up baking, her mum thought we would appreciate a sweet treat, it was beautiful!

We were drinking flavoured green tea at the shop this week, so we shared a teabag as the manager likes her tea quite weak.

*scraping the bottom of the barrel* I was going to buy some crisps on Tuesday, by the time I actually bought them yesterday they were on offer, saving me 70p.

No, that's it, there's nothing else.

Happy Mundane Again

I forgot to add a link for the buffalo cauliflower. There are dozens of recipes available but I chose this recipe from PopSugar as it was really simple.

Massive error of the week was to branch out and speak to people who are not my usual bunch of people, blimey, remind me to not be so rash next time. 

There's another orange thing in my house, it's something I use every day, obviously taking it for granted. 

The door curtain, well it's a sheet but it does a good job and didn't involve any sewing. 

Speaking of which, the sewing machine is out again. As we're going to be based close to home for much of the time this year we decided that picnics and time at the beach are going to feature heavily. So I am making a beach/ picnic blanket. I've never made a quilt using the sewing machine before, but as I would like to use the blanket this summer rather than in 2019 I threw caution to the wind. I will need to buy some wadding, but everything else is a stash buster. 

I made t…