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All Set For Relaxation

Like many people for us December tends to be a busy time filled with things to do. Not this year!
We finish work for the year on Friday and are having a luxurious break right up to 9th January. During that time we plan to do not very much at all, maybe the odd day out, certainly some football, cinnamon rolls will feature but it's mainly some quiet time.
So, I've decided to catch up on some classics.

I have never read a Harry Potter book, nor have I seen the films, but I plan to remedy that by enjoying them at my leisure this winter. There was a set of hardbacks at the charity shop for months and I didn't think twice about them, of course they're long gone, but there were 5 of the series. Unfortunately the second book was missing but I thought it was better to have five and try to find the others than to hold out for a full set.
My next port of call was the library, where a carol concert was taking place, no chance of any real browsing as there was a great turnout. I stuck …
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Frugal Friday - Twenty One

It's been a not too bad week. I completed my first shift back at the charity shop yesterday and we had a good time. True to his word my boss hadn't told anyone I would be there, so everyone seemed genuinely surprised, which was nice. 

This week will be as Christmas heavy as I get, it's not my thing, although I love how much other people enjoy it, and of course chocolate coins.

1. We ate at home before going to the football on Tuesday night, we didn't want to, we wanted to eat steaming hot chips outdoors on a chilly night. We also parked in our regular spot a mile from the ground instead of treating ourselves to parking in the town.

2. I made more bread for lunches, I used strong flour this time, but to be honest I didn't like it quite as much, it was very nice bread, but it wasn't as focaccia-like. I'll alternate between the two flours from now on, depending on our needs.  

3. Bought most of the Christmas gifts in a sale at the supermarket, but shopped locally …

What We Ate 28/11 - 4/12

I forgot to take a picture of the veg box, and Dan threw away the newsletter before I had a chance to snap it, but this week we bought red potatoes, carrots, red onions, sweet potatoes, red peppers, green cabbage, chestnut mushrooms and tomatoes.

Thursday was a bit of a mish mash, I wasn't sure what to make but we had some leftover cooked potatoes and cabbage from earlier in the week. Pictures will look even worse than usual, the bulb in the dining area popped and it's a special bulb we can't just pick up in the town. Also, hats off to those of you who make your food photographs look so good, I just want to eat when there's food around so beautiful photographs will never be my thing!

I ended up making bubble and squeak with onion, the potatoes and cabbage and a grated carrot. Served as a fry up style meal with the final veggie balls from the ice box, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans. 

It was a bit of a junk food weekend, which was lovely for a change.

Pizza, coleslaw an…

Put It In The Right Place

I think one word to sum up 2019 would be establish. All about setting foundations, with my habits, weekly and monthly routines, the general tempo of my life. But it was also about boundaries.

I faced up to a lot of things about myself, particularly around avoiding conflict. Now, I don't mind speaking up about things I find to be important, it's the little things that I either don't really care about, or that seem so small I always told myself it's more energy to deal with them than to just let them slide. But they don't slide do they, they're there, in the background undermining me, and allowing people to push more and more, showing less and less respect. Interesting what you spot when you look around.
There's a power to creating distance, it's not giving up, it's positive choice, more like perspective. When people take you for granted they recover quickly when you're no longer available, there will always be someone else to lean on and they don&#…

Surprise! I'm Not Perfect

In the spirit of getting the most out of things I own, consume and do I'm starting to learn how to do new things, nothing earth shattering, just things to enhance everyday life, maybe make things easier and dance to my own tune a little more.

Last week I started by reading the instruction manual for my food processor, dusting off the box containing the tools, finding the kneading tool, and borrowing Dan's bread book. Dan likes to make bread by hand, but I'm not quite at a point where I can cope with the very wet mixture on my hands, something I'm hoping to work up to. If you've never had problems with food this will sound odd, I know that, I am where I am.

So I made a focaccia style bread, but as I've said before you can count on me to use the wrong ingredients. It wasn't until I'd let the dough rise and had squidged it into the baking tin I noticed this. 

Yes, I'd used the wrong flour. 

The thing is, it didn't really make much difference, at least …

Frugal Friday - Twenty

It's been a nice quiet week.  

1. We went to the library, Dan ordered a book I also want to read so hopefully we'll get two reads for the price of one. Dan also sorted out his account, he has been paying his 75p fees for ordered books but the charges haven't been removed from the computer. No receipt is given when you pay a fee so there's no actual proof so it's a bit of a slow process.  

2. Spent some time working out the December budget.

3. Sorted through my supermarket vouchers and found one we could use that was just about to expire - £4.50 off a £30 spend. 

4. Linked to the supermarket voucher, clothes are 25% off at the supermarket this weekend so I'm buying a Christmas gift there*. 

5. Learned how to use all the tools on my food processor, I am currently attempting to make bread.

Wishing you all a good weekend. We're going to the football tomorrow, feels like a long time since we last did that. The rest of the time I think we'll just be flopping around…

What We Ate - 21/11 - 27/11

The main focus this week was to eat plenty of veg, and some fruit. Having the fruit bowl in a prominent place is really working. I forgot to take a picture of the veg box contents.

A good box full of staples for us. 

I was so cold on Thursday it had to be something hearty for tea so I kept it simple and made a pie. 

The filling was some leftover roast squash, onion, carrots, a pack of chestnuts, some gram flour, stock, yeast extract, sage and chipotle flakes. Served with skin on mash, cabbage, sprouts and more carrots. Half a sheet of pastry makes enough pie topping for two meals so even though it's not bargain basement price to make, it's not bad at all and I din't have too much to do on Friday when we ate the rest.

We had brunch out on Saturday, so in the evening we just had a falafel and houmous sandwich with lambs lettuce and tomato.

On Sunday we started to work through some of the curry paste mountain with a veg curry and rice. 

When I picked up the bargain curry pastes las…