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November Food Week 2

We are trying to cook from scratch a bit more so are spending more time in the kitchen, Dan making bread and me just getting into the swing of cold weather cooking. We started off with another cauliflower curry, we're finding lots of inexpensive cauli at the minute which is great. 

Then using a cheap squash from Aldi there was a quinoa and lentil one pot, served with a soy and linseed schnitezel and topped with the toasted squash seeds. I should make my own celeriac version, but on this occasion it was shop bought. It looks a bit bland in this picture, but was very nice indeed.

Soup of the week was cauliflower and carrot.

Dan fancied some sausages, he's very fond of the Shroomdogs from Sainsbury's at the moment, I kept it simple and serve them with peas, mash and some mushroom and onion gravy.

As we were being traditional we decided to make apple crumble too.

I made more soup mid week, but had a slight incident that ended up with soup all over the kitchen so Dan whisked me away…
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Carrot and Chickpea Sandwich Filler

As requested here is how I make my sandwich filling. This came about as neither of us want to smell too much of garlic when we're at work, and not wanting to go nip to the shop to buy anything. 

During the summer we visited The Apple Pie Cafe in Ambleside where I had their harissa chickpea and carrot sandwich. So I decided to make a version if it myself.

I roasted the carrots first then put them into a frying pan with the rest of the ingredients, I used around 1 teaspoon each of cumin and coriander, plus around half a teaspoon of paprika and a glob of lemon juice. It might be the juice of half a lemon, but I'm common so use it from a bottle. Heat everything up, I don't think there's a reason for cooking it, I just do, season with salt and pepper and that's it!

Admittedly, it doesn't look great,  I mash some of the mixture, leaving some whole chickpeas, but the taste and texture are good for a nice chunky sandwich, especially with something like beetroot or red cab…

November Food Week 1

This year has been one large expense after another so we are now at a point where building up the savings account is a necessity. As such I'm trying to make the most of the grocery budget to find an extra few quid each month.

Last weekend I saw sweet potato and lentil soup as a special at a cafe, I was on the verge of buying a sweet potato for the dhal I already had planned when I remembered the three carrots in the fridge and decided to use them instead. This small jar of dressing was lingering in the pantry so added that to the pan too along with a tin of chickpeas. 

As mentioned in another post, I made up a packet of falafel mix for lunches

Mid week the fridge was looking pretty bare

But I managed to cobble enough things together for some spicy rice with IKEA veggie balls

We are the last of the dhal with some baked onion bhajis (looks a bit orange due to the dining area light!)

At the weekend I made some squash, carrot and chickpea sandwich filling, based on something I ate at Apple …

Freebie and Bargain of the Week

Quite a few things this week. 

I bought a book from the charity shop for 49p. I think I've borrowed this from the library before, there are some good, basic recipes in there so should be good. If not, I'll pass it on.

Someone offered us a bag of rabbit food, which was gratefully accepted. It's the brand we regularly buy so it won't go to waste. 

The main thing that saved money was to stretch the food we had to make an extra meal. Dan was in London one day and didn't think he's be eating at home, but he was home early enough, so although the only vegetables we had were onions and broccoli I made some spicy rice, based on a recipe for jollof rice, and served it with some life saving IKEA veggie balls. 

The night before we fancied a bit of a treat because a couple of things had gone wrong with the house and we were at a bit of a low ebb. I had already made dhal so I spent 36p on onions and made baked onion bhajis, Dan made flatbread. Saved us money on shop bought item…

Convenience Eating

Last week we ate a ton of processed food! On Sunday we visited IKEA and took the opportunity to splash out 50p each on a veggie dog for our lunch. I don't like mustard so had some ketchup, Dan said it was perfect with the sweet mustard they offer, the crispy onions and red cabbage were a lovely addition. 

We had a couple of meals that only existed so we could eat cauliflower, I love cauli so much! This was a chipotle and sage veg stew.

I had half a sheet of puff pastry In the ice box so made a big pasty each filled with tomatoey lentils, served with some broccoli I pinched from the buns.

This was a bit of an I don't know what to cook meal. Rice with leftover lentils with spring onion, red pepper and mushrooms and a sweet potato burger. I hadn't seen these before but I bumped into my boss in Aldi and she told me about them so I thought I'd give them a go. I actually really enjoyed it, I think Dan was slightly less keen, they're not the cheapest of the cheap at £1.49 fo…

For The Messies

Oh no, the cat got into my WIP bag and messed up all my threads!

I had been treating my WIP bag as a bit of a stash and dash receptacle so it was pretty much overflowing, the time had come-gone-come again for me to sort through it. Not something I was looking forward to. 

It took ten minutes. Why was I putting it off? So, my question for anyone else out there who isn't naturally tidy or organised, what tips work for you in your efforts to make things easier?

Mine is simple, and something I picked up from spending time in the homes of my tidy friends - to not have a bin in every room. I used to have a bin in every room, but they would all get filled up to overflowing. Now we have two bins in the bathroom - recycling and non-recycling, and one in the kitchen - although even this is a new item this year. It means there's not as much work to do with all that emptying, and it helps rooms look clearer and there's not a basket of junk in every corner. Well, there probably is, but yo…

Knit Your Own Yoghurt

Over the last couple of days I've seen a few comments made on social media that were a bit, what's the word, snobby about living a sustainable life, or not. I can't be doing with that kind of attitude, people like what they like and no-one is better because they prefer jus to gravy, or they pretend to like kale. My mate laughs at my reusable mug, she thinks it's a bit bonkers that I'd pay good money for a cup of coffee and then on top of that I'd pay ten quid for a cup to carry it round in. And you know what, they are absolutely right - I clearly have a lot of money to waste.

There are buy for a lifetime shops online these day, and most of the stuff is rather expensive, which is understandable. I've spoken quite a few times before about ethical clothing) and how if I rip my leggings, I need a new pair for today or tomorrow, I can't wait until I have twenty quid or more to spend, then wait for it to be delivered, I need them now. Same with other things, m…